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The Garden Project Deventer Op Stelten 2012

The Garden Project Deventer op Stelten 2012

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19-23/10/2012 Street Theater in Kurdistan

The new experience of street theater in Kurdistan

Shafaq The idea of ​​a theater in the street emerged recently to make it a stage of theatrical art works…
The Ministry of Culture in Kurdistan Region  has assumed to establish a street theater festival, and Darbandikhan city was elected to hold it in its main streets. This work is considered as a great work of art  that have been witnessed in the cultural scene of the region. This kind of theater has an effective role in the revitalization of Iraqi as well as Kurdistani theater movement .
Several plays which have been performed by top theatre actors in Kurdistan  have been presented . They have been performed so well that they gave signs of a better future for the theater and confirm that the theater in the region and Iraq is still active and effective and it stimulates the enlightenment and knowledge acquirement. The establishment of such a theater festival, which took the street as its place, and in which theatrical performances go to the public and not as it is known the  public should come to the theater indicates the importance of theater as a means of communication with the community through a great diversity of methods of directing of the participated shows . This can increase the level of enrichment of the festival.

Muhammad Ali Alsamawi

The Garden Project in Deventer Op Stelten 6-8/07/2012 press