Wednesday, 16 December 2009



The Garden is a clown, physical, visual and object performance, interacting with the public, working on and for the location, using the specific possibilities and qualities of each space. The performance is aware and taking advantage of the nature in the location like: sand, water, trees, sunset etc. Using the lights and music is creating the other dimension of the daily watched location.

3 clowns:( 2 children and their servant) are appearing on the street, messing around, playing with the passers by, making people laugh from their existance. They appear from another reality and so it is! They are passing by the city on the way to their destination.

From the middle of the noisy crowd they are discovering the garden – beautiful space with the white trees and the water...

Curious, they enter the location and things starts to happen.

The Garden is full of the stories that awake imaginations and takes them into journies through diffrent stages... They become like children discovering the world, beings entering the new land full of the mistery of the unknown...
The trees begin to speak to them and go on fire, the sun appears to rise, the mistery invites them with clouds of smoke to go down...
When the curtain closes and the performers bow it all appears to be a show of 3 clowns...

performers direction and realisation
Basia Pradzynska (Poland)
Spiros Peterakis (Greece)
Adam Read (Australia)

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